Two Moms who Blog

Here it is.

The first post.

A dream that has been dreamt for a long time is finally becoming a reality. Over the course of the last year, Tamekia and I [Annie] have discussed this blog [although we didn’t originally plan for it to be together] countless times. Texting back and forth about our ideas and subjects we would like to see in a blog – little did we know we would be led to write these posts into the universe ourselves. Yet; here we are – creating our first of [hopefully] many posts detailing the blessings, hardships, and questions of motherhood.

But, before we take a deep dive into the abyss that is child rearing, you might want a better perspective on who we are.

Get to know: Tamekia

Full time working, married, mother of one.

[Why is it so hard to describe yourself?]

Hobbies include: Natural hair enthusiast who enjoys trying different products on my kinky curly hair. I have also developed an interest in health and fitness although I’m still trying to figure out how to balance a workout routine with this busy life of mine. My most recent hobby is working to figure out who I am outside of my titles of wife, mother, and career woman.

Get to know: Annie

Full time working, married, mother of one.

[Seriously, like, how do you describe yourself without using your titles? – i.e. mom, wife, professional – more to come in the next post!]

Hobbies include: Recent organization addict, make up lover, skin care enthusiast [Just trying to keep those wrinkles at bay], writer, and lover of animals. [But honestly, how do you have hobbies with a child??]

How we met:

We were blessed to meet in graduate school while pursuing our masters degrees. Tamekia, as a new mother, was juggling working full time and school. Annie, as a soon to be mother, was doing the same. The bond was formed in an instant. The friendship became more of a sisterhood, with both women encouraging each other to achieve their dreams in school, career, and most importantly, motherhood.

Goals for this blog:

Overall, our goal for this blog is to present honest perspectives on motherhood, create a welcoming environment for others, and develop a sense of sisterhood amongst our readers. This is a safe place – a place where you can come to read, relax, and reassure yourself that you are NOT alone.

So make sure to come back often, leave your comments, share with friends – you might even pick up a few beauty tricks along the way.


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